277 Rotor Installation

Click here for a very good installation write up by Hugh Owings of Hughes Handbuilt

The 277 rephase application can be used for either the 277 or the so called 443 timing. The rotor has two slots so that it can be installed to accommodate either cam timing scheme, but you have to be able to determine the correct timing for your particular engine.

The picture is with the locating pin in the advance rod at the 12 O'clock position.

The cylinder (left) that is on its compression stroke, nearing TDC, will fire now.

The other cylinder will fire 277 crankshaft degrees later

(Ensure that the locating pins are not 180 degrees out of phase.)


If your cam shaft was split to rephase it, then you will probably have this timing, also known as the 443 degree timing. The latest rotor has an alternate locating slot for this application

There are at least 4 ways to install the advance mechanism and two ways to build a cam for the 277 conversion so that means that there are at least 8 ways to install the ignition system times the two ways to install the PAMCO rotor, so that makes 16 ways to install the ignition system, and only one of them is correct for your engine. The best way to ensure success is to methodically "walk" the crank shaft around for at least 720 degrees and check that each cylinder will get it's spark at the correct time.

Here is a picture of the coil. The green wire is negative and goes to the green wire on the PAMCO. The red wire goes to your source of switched battery (kill switch) and it is positive.